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Welcome to our Travel blog, we will be posting articles every week or two with what where we have been and where we are going with all the trials and tribulations along the way. Please follow us on social media and put your email below for the latest updates. 🙂

Where are we now and where have we been?

Where is Billy Going?


Or rough plan is to travel from France over to Spain then down the east coast. Continuing down and around through grbraltar then making our way up the west coast of Protugal finally to re-enter Spain to complete our circumnavigation around the country.

The plan is then to move up the west coast of France to Brittany then on to the UK. While in the UK I want to visit the Pub of my family in the south of England near Exter.

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Travel Diaries – From Gaudí to Frida Kahlo

Travel Diaries – From Gaudí to Frida Kahlo

Hello, roadies! 👋This third Travel Book is a little late, it must be said that we have had new mishaps, which have been added to the others, so I was a little less inspired to write. But here I am back, ready to embark on our latest discoveries! 😍So, are you ready to...

Travel Diary – A Week in Balaguer

Travel Diary – A Week in Balaguer

After we left Ponts I was very concerned about doing too many kilometers before completing the repairs on the van. Most of the worry about how to have the repairs don’t in a foreign country had passed now as we had spoken to the mechanic, found the parts that we...

Travel diary – From Pignans to Ponts

Travel diary – From Pignans to Ponts

Hi friends 👋We are currently at the edge of a beautiful river in Ponts, in the north of Spain 🇪🇸Contrary to what I would have imagined, I do not yet have many photos or videos of breathtaking landscapes to share with you because life decided otherwise for our first...