About us

You are probably wondering who is behind Bill’s name?

This is our most loyal traveling companion so far and one of the many things we have in common as a couple: our camping car!
Jim and I met in the dangerous lands of kangaroos and Vegemite: Australia 🦘!
We immediately understood that we were made to live part of the journey together, but it is a book that has definitely linked us around a common passion: travel and exploration. This book is Vagabonding, by Rolf Potts and it not only taught us how to travel and think of travel as a way of life, but it has impacted us for the rest of our lives.

Van life book

Bill’s adventures began in 2019 with a few trips with him on the roads of France which had already given us a taste, an introduction to what life could be like aboard this vehicle.
But it is since the arrival of the Covid that we have decided to go further, and to experience a new life project, what we can call “digital nomad life” or “van life”.

So, why this year, in full covid?

Well, if there is one question that has gripped us in recent months, it is: “What will tomorrow be like?” “. For a year now, our desire for mastery has been undermined. From lockdowns to curfews in France, we all tried to control the situation.
So, what attitude to adopt? Not planning anything, and waiting forever for better days seemed unbearable to us. We have made the decision not to postpone this trip and this project, and to start despite the current conditions.

Because yes, the future is a beautiful unknown, but we have to deal with this permanent suspense, and the unexpected has many surprises in store for us and they are not always bad!
And then, the Covid has also called into question many areas of our lives: our way of consuming, the meaning we give to our work, what is really important to us … So, there you are, this trip is also an answer to all these questions (maybe this is a bit “cliché” but this is what we feel 😜), an exploration of our value system to question our habits, open our vision on the world and what it has to offer (of course, we plan to respect the imposed rules as a minimum, and will take the necessary precautions to protect the lives of others and our own in the face of this pandemic).

Van road trip

Three reasons why you should follow this blog:

😍 We want to inspire you on what life in a van is, by being as authentic as possible, far from the clichés that we can sometimes see on social networks: how do we actually organize ourselves to live in daily in a van? How do we travel? How do we work? And all the questions you are probably asking yourself (or not) about this way of life.

⚒ We are also planning a dedicated “toolbox” section to share our tutorials on the layout of the motorhome / van, in order to give you all the keys and useful tips to build your own vehicle and optimize its space. and its resources (electricity, water, heating, etc.).

👓 This blog is also an opportunity to embark with us on our journeys and prove to you that social life still exists, despite the Covid! We want to travel to destinations that inspire us, from France to England, via Spain and Portugal to begin with: in search of eco-places or third places, meetings with people inspiring women who aspire to have a positive impact on society or the planet! e will do our best to share with you our passions and what makes us vibrate every day in our personal life!

Travelling in the Pyrenees

With that, we wish you a safe journey in these troubled times, but full of great promises!

The worst isn’t always certain, so let’s wait for the best! 🥰

Jim&Elodie 🇦🇺 🇫🇷