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We have created a list of 15 questions, don’t worry it’s no more than 5 mins, about what life on the road is like for all the people that are actively out there living it.

We would love for you to take part in this and we will be publishing the results here on our website and on social media.

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I’m Elodie

I grew up in the south of France in a beautiful region that gave me the taste for nature and big landscapes. 

So far, I’ve always been surrounded by people who encouraged me to travel. 

I remember being in Hyde Park, England, at 13 years old, holding a little squirrel in my hand… This feeling was magicall and this is when it “clicked” : I wanted to travel as often that I could for the rest of my live ! 

Since that day, I travelled a lot, but never in a camping-car, so this is a new exciting and challenging adventure that I am starting this year ! 

As hobbies, I love doing yoga, dancing, meditating, and doing circus and aerial hoop. 

I am working as a free lancer in communication but getting trained to become a Chief Happiness officer. 
Hope you will enjoy our adventures !

I’m Jim

I am an Australian that has always wanted to travel long term and travel abroad, and I am finally doing it. I am a rock climber, runner, and paraglider, I also like to mountain bike.

I have always wanted to live the van life, experience other cultures, and see more of the world. 

Originally working in IT, I now build and own websites and this is how I make money as we travel. 

van life blogger jim